10.05.2020 : Packaging Competence

Mass Production for consumer-goods is only possible by pre-packaging of industry. It is worth to mention according to Prof.Dr.Hallier that in Germany in context of the change of life-style after World War II in 1957 the Institute of Self-Service/ISB (today EHI) was founded to standardize within a dialogue with the branded goods - and package-industry solutions for the new store-formats "supermarkets". Examples of that meanwhile 60 years existing work-shop are publications like technical demands for one-way package or multi-trip.


In 1958 the packaging and machine sector founded the fair "Interpack" - followed in 1966 by the "EuroShop" exhibition of the retail institute : both today world-leaders of competence in their sectors at the Duesseldorf Fair Ground and show-cases for Applied Sciences. "The national GNP is determined by the amount of practical results from Research" Prof.Hallier claims.

30.04.2020 : Virtual CORP Opening

Due to Corona Pandemy the 25th International CORP-Conference opening - planned as a physical ceremony in Aachen/Germany at April 15th 2020 - had to be postponed to autumn : and was therefore opened virtually for the first time.

CORP is according to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier giving each year the best survey about Liveable City Regions by present and future projects around the world. Another outstanding point is that all lectures/papers are available in the internet for years : for 2020 by (Link)

20.04.2020 : Holistic Health Approach

Since 1994 due to several food-scandals during the 80ies accumulating in the British Cow Desease (BSE) Prof.Dr.Hallier organized workshops for tracing and tracking of beef (see also: Orgainvent) and for good agricultural practice (see also Globalgap). In 2004 the three Romanian professors Prof.Dr.Florian Popa, Prof.Dr.Victor Purcarea and Prof.Dr.Theodor Purcarea designed as a holistic approach a link between health/well-being and the Total Supply Chain under the slogan SANABUNA (see also: Link)


Using the Health Day 2009 an International Conference was launched in Brasov/Romania under the headline "Save lives. Make hospitals safe in emergencies". Reflecting that 2009-wake-up call of the scientists now with the background of the Corona Pandemic for Prof.Dr.B.Hallier pro-active actions need steam for quite many years to become a main-stream in the society - but mostly according to his experience it needs a real dramatic crisis with enforced administrative measures with a set of punishment-tools to turn the situation of crisis towards treatment by competence. Global standards like the QR-Code might be the platform to build modern IoT-connections between individuals, health-systems, the food-chain and hot-spots of different kinds. Worth to mention is that ERA's Chinese partner ZIIOT listed in this context key-facts about food-safety from the WHO website (see: Link).

10.04.2020 : Food Availability

Environmental Challenges like the Climate Change as well as growing Egoism in national Economies - as seen lately in the Corona crisis - will increase according to Prof.Dr.Hallier the gap between the rich and the poor: in individual economies and in the worldwide competition. Food Availability will become one of the social battlefields in the next decades.


As ERA-trainee Dr. Alina Pukhovskaya looked into buying habits in affluent countries versus increasing demand of poorer populations for EU-publication about Food Waste (See eBook). Later she expanded the topic and analyzed in her PhD research at CIRCLE International/Vitez University the case of the Mexican Food Bank (See Publication). According to Prof.Hallier this project should be enlarged by the Global Green University to further countries: also to be customized to other cultural habits/needs around the globe.

30.03.2020 : Innovation-Time-Lags

Taken a cartoon from the German Lebensmittel Zeitung about the EuroShop exhibition and Prof.Dr.B.Hallier most viewers would confirm that it covers well EuroShop 2020 and its halls 3 - 7 with the topics of robotics, AI and IoT (Internet of Things).


But the fact is that this cartoon was published more than 25 years ago! "There is a time-lag between the vision and the prototypes on the one hand and the transformation towards products applicable for use in the main-streams" Hallier explained in an interview. His thesis is that the 25 years-innovation-cycles in retail/wholesale show the mental disability of HR to change quicker due to traditional education and social habits. "For Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences as well as Vocational Training Institutes Change Management should be the top priority !" he demanded.

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