02.06.2017 : Silk Road Expansion

China will invest 900 billion US$ to modernize its railroad tracks as a revitalization of the traditional Silk Road. Mongolia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Iran will benefit from the South Route - the North will increase traffic via Moscow, Warsaw, Prague and the harbor of Hamburg.

One of the railroad tracks is ending at the moment at the Slovak city of Kosice. If that lane would be expanded by only 420 km to Vienna/Austria also this Gate of Central Europe could become a Silk Road Hub!

25.05.2017 : World Awards

In 1887 the deparment-store "Au Bon Marche' " in Paris was designed by Gustave Eiffel; its 25.000 square meters sales area were described by the famous French writer Emile Zola as "The Paradise for Ladies". It was the start of strong competition between Paris, London, Berlin and other big cities to attract high-level international consumers. Still today department stores are traffic builder for cities and for shopping centres.

In 2017 the top of the top of the department stores will meet at the 5th World Department Store Forum (WDSF), this time in Toronto/Canada. In that event two Awards will be handed over: one honours outstanding performances by sales associates in serving and fulfilling customer expectations, commitment beyond duty, product knowledge, team work and commercial results: its three finalists are Al Tayer / Harvey Nichols - UAE
; Brown Thomas - Ireland; Neiman Marcus - USA
. The second Award recognizes the important role of in-store campaigns for department stores in creating footfall, increasing conversion rates and sales, as well as connecting with both loyal and new customers. Here the three finalists are 'Enjoy the Front Row' by LaRinascente - Italy; 'The Give Registry' by Myer - Australia and 'EveryBODY' by Selfridges & Co. - England.

15.05.2017 : Innovation Accelerator

The World Food Programme (WFP) Innovation Accelerator identifies, nurtures and scales bold solutions to fight hunger globally; it is identifying and testing solutions in an agile way. At the moment there are 22 projects listed across 14 countries (LINK)

The European Retail Academy supports the penetration of Anti-Food Losses/-Waste activities around the world like via its special site Global Green University (LINK), its e-learning Food Waste Management (Download eBook), participation at the 1st pan-African Postharvest Loss Congress (News at ABF) and at the 3rd World Save Food Conference at the Interpack Exhibition in Duesseldorf/Germany coming on 4.05.17 (LINK).

05.05.2017 : 10 years AEF

In June 2017 there will be the 10th Astana Economic Forum (LINK) - initiated by Kazakhstan's President Nazarbayev - supported by G-Global, the Eurasian Club of Scientists, the Astana Club of Nobel Laureates and the European Retail Academy. In the same week EXPO 2017 is opened in Astana: a light-house for saving energy to become a more Green Economy.

For Prof. Dr. B.Hallier a "green economy" is a Global House of Harmony between Economics, Ecology and Ethics. Also the two terms "micro-credits" and "social business" play a major role in this concept: those two key-words had been also focused in the works of the Nobel Peace Laureates Prof. Dr. Wangari Muta Maathai from Africa (Laureate 2004) and Prof. Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh (Laureate 2006) - Prof. Yunus at the photo together with Prof. M. Fedorov and Prof. B. Hallier at the Astana Economic Forum 2014. Africa and the Indian sub-continent have a lot in common, Hallier said - and they should be enabled by the World Community to feed themselves by stopping food losses and food waste.

30.04.2017 : Food for Thought

In Nairobi/Kenya a slum-project is titled "Shangilia" - the translation stands for "Enjoy"! It all started in 1993 by the film "Don't Cry, Child of Africa" which reported about the fate of street-children. The main-actor Anne Wanjugu one year later created the Shangilia-project as a focus for vulnerable children beyond that film. In 2004 the Cap Anamur Club of German doctors bought some ground for a new school and sleeping accomodations for that project. in 2009 a special Shangilia Foundation was established in Germany to support the education under the supervision of Japheth Njenga.

In 2017 Shangilia was visited by German IKV-members in context with the joint Food Waste Awareness Exhibition together with the HAWA Artists in the Creativity Gallery of the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi (Link: Flyer). The Group intends to build up art-courses for Shangilia over the next three years and to connect Food & Food for Thought. Sponsors are welcome!

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