28.07.2019 : Target Group Youth

Reviewing the historical Nobel activities at the 28th Associations' World Congress in Gothenborg/Sweden Laura Sprechmann from Nobel Media AB pointed also out that for the penetration of the brand/ideas of Nobel youth groups are an interesting target-group.


The Nobel organization for example collaborates with the Telenor Youth Forum to bring together young leaders around the world to develop digital solutions that reduce inequality and empower scientists. The European Retail Academy reports about vocational training for young people and about youth activities mainly at its special Site www.european-retail-academy.org/EUCVOT/.

15.07.2019 : ALDI China

ALDI (Albrecht Discount) has its roots in Germany with a success business history of more than 100 years. In Germany ALDI is the benchmark for the store-format/marketing of discount; in the UK ALDI was just rated by consumers as the best supermarket; in China ALDI now has launched its first two pilot-stores bringing high quality products and an unique life-style to the customers.


For Prof. Dr. Hallier - watching ALDI since the mid 70ies - it is an example how in the world of globalization marketing-concepts should be adapted to local/regional/national habits and not just being copied from one country for other countries. His credo is " retail has to act locally" ! ALDI started in China at April 2017 through its cross-border e-commerce store on Tmall, Now for the Chinese target-group the first two brick-and-stone pilot stores are customized/tailored and will be used for trials/tests to adjust by data collection/feedback the further optimization of ALDI's China approach.

01.07.2019 : Worldleader ANUGA

ANUGA is the abbreviation of the German heading "Allgemeine Nahrungs- und Genussmittel-Ausstellung" - shortly translated : exhibition for food products . It was founded in 1919 in Stuttgart, followed in the next years by exhibitions in Munich, Hannover, Berlin and Magdeburg. In 1924 it moved to Cologne, which was also a political demonstration as at that time the Cologne area was separated after World War I from the rest of Germany. In fact it remained in that town uptill today.


After World War II the fair was run bi-annually. Since 2003 ANUGA was labelled "10 special shows under one roof" aiming to promote ten food segments like "milk-products", "meat". In 2017 a total of 7400 companies from 107 countries exhibited at ANUGA - being visited by 165 000 food specialists from 198 countries. In 2017 also at ANUGA the special Site www.european-retail-academy.org/TUN was launched as a Thematic University Network to promote standards for food and food education. (Download Presentation)

25.06.2019 : Innovation Driver China

In Foshan City/Guangdong Province/China Prof.Dr.B.Hallier will be key-note speaker together with the Korean Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr.R.Chung at the Second International Two-dimensional Code Industry Development Summit in August 2019. Among the technical aspects also politics play an important role: one of the Conference chapters will explore in a Round Table the possibilities to link actions of the Eurasian New Silk Road and Belt initiative and the infrastructure of the Great Bay Area - 23 presidents from Arab Universities and Ministers of Education will participate in that Round Table.


Two weeks later another high calibre Congress with 3.500 people will be organized in China by FARA and APRE. The Federation of Asian Retailes Association (FARA) was founded in 1989 to promote bi-annually in one of the member-countries an exhibition and congress (Asian Pacific Retailers Exhibition) : being in 2015 in Manila/Philippine and in 2017 in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia. In 2019 the APRE will be organized in Chongqin/China - a destination also for travellers at the Yangtze River. This Conference is labelled by Prof.Dr.B.Hallier "as an Asian retail family event based on thirty years of peaceful cooperation beyond the borders".

15.06.2019 : GFVC 4.0

In 1972 Prof.Dr.B.Hallier was AIESEC exchange student in South Africa where he worked as a trainee with Rembrandt Tobacco in Stellenbosch and later travelled among other places to Lesotho and Eshowe/Zulu-Land. Since that time he is in permanent contact with his friends to create awareness for the African continent : now he decided to promote by the European Retail Academy GFVC 4.0


The GFVC (Global Fashion Value Chain Federation) aims to improve by its 4.0 Congress/Exhibition in April 2020 global manufacturing, integrating the fragmented structures and industry, and to unlock the high untapped potential to create jobs for Africa's youth and women.

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