30.06.2018 : Food Security

In 2015 Prof.Dr.B.Hallier published his EU-research "FoodWasteManagement" ( e-book ) and became EXPO-Ambassador for Saving Food for the Milano-exhibition (Ambassador). In 2017 he supported the First African Congress about Food Losses at the University of Nairobi/Kenya.

The painter and art-therapist Marie-Christin Hallier exhibited in Nairobi together with the International Club of Artists (IKV) and the African HAWA-Group to organize public awareness for the topic of Food Waste /Losses for that Congress ( Vernissage). Now in 2018 the German section of IKV repeated its (enlarged) part at the Gallery of the Mayor's House in the German city of Menden (see pic.). "Don't forget Africa" was M.-C. Hallier's wish for that event - reminding her workshop with underpriveledged children in the slum Shangilia/Nairobi ( Shangilia). Important for Food Security are global standards according to Prof.Hallier ; therefore applied sciences in this field are promoted via www.european-retail-academy.org/TUN .

25.06.2018 : Culture and History

Prof.Dr.B.Hallier published in 1999 his German edition of "Culture and History of Trade" - documenting by art 5000 years of commerce; followed later by a Russian and a Korean edition. At the First International Silk Road Mayors Conference being organised in Astana he proudly handed over one copy to Korea's Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr.Raekwon Chung.

"History proves that trade routes are not just technical tools for the transport of products" Prof.Hallier stated "but they are drivers for innovation and cultural cross-border exchanges!" In his lecture dedicated to the hopes and fears about a revitalised Silk Road he demanded a mix of learnings from David Ricardo and Charles Darwin to implement a Social Market Economy based on a optimum between Economy, Ecology and Ethics (more: PDF).

12.06.2018 : Silk Road

Initiated as a concept by China's Chairman Xin Jinping in a speech at Nazarbayev University the 2018 Global Silk Road Forum will be held in the capital of Kazakhstan at its 20th Anniversary of the City of Astana.

The Global Silk Road Forum will be held July 2nd-3rd, 2018 at the Astana Palace of Peace and Reconciliation. The sessions will discuss how to contribute to the competitiveness of national economies within a global world driven by a modern Silk Road Network as a catalyst for innovative investments. Among the top-level speakers will be the President of the European Retail Academy, Prof.Dr.B.Hallier, who also promoted www.european-retail-academy.org/AEUC - designed by Alina Pukhovskaya - to establish a regional academic network for applied sciences. More about the Conference: www.globalsilkroad.net

30.05.2018 : Repositioning Astana

For 10 years the Astana Economic Forum has established itself as the most important annual event for Eurasia: bridging Europe and Asia. In 2018 it takes a big jump forward in a world, which, unfortunately, becomes a lot more segmented, although it should be more globalized in its analysis and political action. The title in 2018, therefore, is well chosen by the sponsors of the (former) Astana Economic Forum: GLOBAL CHALLENGES SUMMIT!

"After the G7 meetings without Russia (and also without the big players like China and India) and the Brexit talks within the EU, the Astana round-table with vision of ALL NATIONS as a Global Community is initiative to be supported by all who are really interested in a Global House of Harmony between Economics, Ecology and Ethics" Prof.Dr.B.Hallier stated.

15.05.2018 : Circle PhD

Circle is an university network founded in 2004: the idea are annual conferences rotating in the Circle-member countries for students to present their MA or PhD papers in English under the supervision of international professors. Prof.Dr.Hallier is part of that supervisor team.

Additionally Circle international is running a far-distance program for MA and PhD. In 2018 the former ERA-trainee from Russia, Alina Pukhovskaya, now living in Mexico defended her thesis about the Food Bank Mexico successfully at the Annual Meeting in Sarajevo/ Bosnia-Herzegovina. Next year Circle will meet from April 24th to 25th at the University of Gloucestershire/UK


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