Urban Revitalization
02.08.2021 : FOC versus Flagship Stores

According to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier traditionally "Mill-Stores" had been associated with local sales mainly of fashion-production. In the 70/8o-ies of the last century in the USA and Western Europe a new type od "Designer Outlet/Factory Outlet"started : agglomerations of at least five label-producers within a minimum of 4.500 squaremeters sales area. Beside the general tendency to be on average about 15 percent lower in its sales-prices additionally slogans are run like "over run", "factory seconds", "damaged", "past season", "samples" ," discontinued items".


In analogy to shopping-center developers also specialists for FOCs were formed ; for small and medium-sized cities "Village Style Outlet Centers" got some profile for urban revitalization : very vulnerable now in the wind of change with e-commerce as a strong competitor in this market-segment."Real labels are better off with flagship-stores creating more value to the brand" is the opinion of Hallier discussing his first EHI-report about FOCs in 1999 versus the present situation.

02.07.2021 : Digital India

„India has changed tremendously in the last fifty years : having seen students learning in Delhi at night using the light of electrical lamps at public places in 1973 because they did not have it at home – India has become in the last twenty years one of the world’s leading resources for IT-specialists whose services are used by the internet as a tool globally around the world. By its GNP and by Sector Competences like IT all India has moved from the status „developing country“ towards high ranks of G-global. Having taken part for several years in the Indian Retail Forum (IRF) in Mumbai and getting to know entrepreneurs like Kishore Biyani from the Future Group and his competitors the author of this contribution knows how powerful Indian companies have become and how Indian Business Schools and Universities have contributed to the excellent performance of those entities.“ Prof.Dr.Hallier says on the occasion of the Annual International Seminar in New Dehli.


„On the other hand, travelling through India shows that the different regions have their own cultural approaches and tastes – and that a uniform behaviour cannot be expected all over such a SubContinent. This fragmentation is part of the charm of India (like the different mix of curries) but in times of pandemics like Covid 19 sometimes more central power could lead to more efficiency. But judging long-run perspectives like Consumption 2050 also myths and religions play an important role: even death is seen in India as part of a new start into the eternity of a never-ending cycle of lives. And exactly this mentality might be the Strength of India despite all the present problems of Covid 19. Buying shares at the Stock Exchange my advice would be: Buy now at falling prices – because India has still a bright future to come !“ More about India: (link)

02.06.2021 : USP Kazakhstan

Since becoming an independant State from the former Sowjet-Empire Kazakhstan has started profiling itself as a bridge between East and West. Within a little more than 20 years it created G-Global as a roof beyond G 8 or G 20 , the Economic Forum Astana with the Club of Nobel Laureates (see: LINK), the EXPO 2017 and the Silk Road Mayors' Club ( see: LINK) . Prof.Dr.B.Hallier has been involved in those actions also firstly due to the Eurasian Economic Youth Forum (see pic of Youth Award Winners at press-conference)

"Now we are happy to have with Nikita Vassilyuk a first exchange trainee for vocational competences from the German-Kazakh University in Almaty" Prof.Hallier stated . "He can bring the Russian language flavour into our multi-lingual projects (see more at ERA-EUCVOT)".

20.05.2021 : New Home for CORP

"CORP = the International Conference on Urban Planning, Regional Development and Information Society has been for 25 years developed itself to be the biggest joint platform to exchange the latest research and applications in those fields of Town Planning" said the President of the European Retail Academy Prof.Dr.Bernd Hallier.


" I am very happy that its Founder and Managing Director and my good friend Manfred Schrenk now could link CORP with the Boku-University in Vienna/Austria as Vienna ist the birth-place of CORP" Hallier welcomed the new home and permanent link for this organization. More about its 2021 event at Link)

05.04.2021 : Past & Present Life-Styles

The city of Muenster in North-Rhine-Westfalia ranks as the 20th biggest town in Germany. The old Hanse-Town is often compared to the historical city of Luebeck at the Baltic Sea. With its 65.000 students the reknowned Westfalian Wilhelms-University is the 10th biggest University of Germany. Muenster was founded in the year 793 by the missionary Luidger. He came from Friesland in Northern Germany and built a monestery at the little river of Aa. The name of Muenster goes back to the latin meaning "Monasterium".


Internationally well known is Münster for its Peace Treaty after the 30-years religious war in Central and Northern Europe. The Treaty was signed 1648 in the Hall of the Mayor's House in Münster at the famous and honourable Prinzipalmarkt. The signment happened as well in the historical neighboured Town of Osnabrück. The famous sights of Münster like the St. Paulus Cathredal, the Lamberti-Church with the historical Re-Baptisement cages on the top of the tower and the Shopping-Arcades Prinzipalmarkt with the old and attractive merchant houses and the excellent Museums are the destination of nearly 20 Milllions visitors per year from all around the world. The Prinzipalmarkt is the lively stage for many aimed marketing-events. The modern customer Magazine is named PRINZIPAL. One of the most renowned events is the Hanse-Mahl Dinner-Festival with the longest table of Muenster. The owner of the stores and shops (the Principals) serve meals and drinks to their customers. The idea of this Hanse-Event was created by Muenster Marketing and after a successful presentation in the Marketing-Committee of the International Alliance of the Hanse realised in Muenster the first time in Germany ( more E.Gebauer )

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