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04.05.2022 : Rovaniemi Competences

Already for more than a decade youngsters from the school in Rovaniemi/Finland come for vocational training to the HQ of the European Retail Academy in Germany. Their field of Applied Sciences is according to Prof.Dr.B.Hallier to learn all steps of Communication during their stay: attention, interest, desire, action . Last but not least the traineeship is always a mix of training on the job + understanding the local culture.


In May/June 2022 Joni Harrinkoski and Veeti Maaninka follow the former trainees and develop a Content-Page for all News of the main-Site of ERA www.european-retail-academy.org ; furtheron they will help to upgrade the ERA-IT-technologies. The supervision comes digitally by far-distance by the former Bulgarian trainee Dr.Violena Nencheva - now living in Mexico. This Team will be already in May digitally in touch with the next trainee from Finland who will arrive in the end of June to stay in Germaqny in July. This way of remote training + on-the-job units will be the future of learning according to Hallier.

24.03.2022 : Catalyst Nobel Fest

The Astana Economic Forum was profiling the independant Kazahkstan by creating an Eurasian Economic Scientists Association (EECA) , G-Global as an umbrella for all countries and a Team of Nobel Laureates participating at the annual events. Prof.Dr.B.Hallier became member of EECA and the G-Global Support Board . Just lately in March together with the 2007 Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr.R.Chung he was running an ERA-Webinar about the UN-Sustainability Goals 2030 (see: LINK) - and they will support also the Nobel Fest at Mid-April 2022.


A total of 12 Nobel Laureates from different disciplines and high ranking speakers from all around the globe will be involved in this hybrid activity. The input of the ERA-Webinar and a Memorandum of Understanding about Academic relations beyond any borders will be discussed at the Nobel Fest too (see also : (LINK )

22.02.2022 : Cultural Bridges

The last quarter of this century did bring prosperity via global trade : one of the drivers was the revitalization of the Silk Road. Prof.Dr.B.Hallier has visited in that period many times Kazakhstan but also Usbekistan, Mongolia and China discussing the development with Nobel Laureates at the Astana Economic Summit or with representatives of universities and business of the players along this network.


For Hallier beside the economic effects for the increase of the Wealth of Nations measured in GNP also the cultural bridges were utmost important for the understanding of those countries. "We in the West can learn a lot of the ancient China or about philosophy from Farabi (870 - 950) who studied logic, medicine and sociology and travelled through Kazakhstan ,Syria, Iraq and Egypt. Beside the Greek philosopher Aristoteles he was called the second master in the Arabic tradition. The three Madrasas at the Registan Place in Samarkand had been built between 1417 and 1660 and had been used for study; they had been the universities of those times." Prof.Hallier stated remembering his visits."Going to teach about the West was always also a process to learn from the East " he added. " In respect to the own mind-set it became a growing personal obligation to work for World Peace and resilience between the different tribes of the world population".

06.01.2022 : Ballymaloe/ Ireland

In the mid 80ies the romantic Ballymaloe Hotel near Cork/Ireland based in a historic building was just for Prof.Dr.Hallier the highlight at the end of a four days Whiskey-Trail through the country. Meanwhile he visited that place several times over the decades and saw its extensions towards a complex Food Hub from farm via processing and hotel and farm-shop (see also : (link)).


The Organic Farm and Gardens are not only the source for the Slow Food Restaurant but there is a "look and find-kids trail sheet" to find plants, animals and insects; the owner-family is running a cookery school for more then 30 years with different courses up to a 12-weeks certificate - but they are also the stars of national tv-cooking shows ; the breakfast and dinners in the hotel-restaurant are outstanding and combined with the ambiente of old-style Irish landscape ; a farm-shop invites you to bring hand-made food-samples home : but Professor Hallier admitted to have eaten all of them already before he arrived back in Germany with his CampingMobile from Ireland.

24.12.2021 : CityPlanning Russia

Ten years after the German reunification and due to the expansion of retailers like METRO, Saturn, Globus, IKEA to Moscow Prof.Dr.Hallier started to teach "International Trade Marketing" in Russia. In 2003 he became Professor honoris causa at the Moscow State University for Management - helping also to promote the exhibition Shop Design Russia.


In 2010 B.Hallier together with N.Vlasova and O.Voytsekhovsky edited the English/Russian reader "City and RegionalMarketing : Concepts, Trends, Case Studies" in which 25 international experts contributed their experiences. Now in December 2021 HSE Moscow and the State University of Management organized both together a hybrid Conference to discuss the latest state of art of City- and Regional Planning/Marketing. Prof.Dr.B.Hallier was asked to give a lecture based on his experience and innovation forecasts ( see :link).

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