Urban Revitalization
15.12.2017 : Clay Architecture

Morocco is famous for its historical clay archtecture - having its revival also due to tourism searching for the local/national flavour. For twenty years the German clay expert Manfred Fahnert travels each year with students for two-week excursions to Morocco to teach them those local techniques and to help via that initiative to revitalize traditional culture.

The next wo two-week workshops are planned for March 2018 in the Kasbah Caid Ali el Jadida in Asslim in southern Morocco. The special learnings will be rammed earth floors and traditional ceiling constructions as well as the three traditional clay techniques such as clay bricks making and processing, multi-layer clay plasters and rammed earth masonry. More detailed data and registration forms can be found at www.lehmexpress.de

20.11.2017 : Riga

Riga/ Latvia has a historical role in the Baltic Sea. In 2014 it had been the European Cultural Capital. - Old Riga with its historical HQ of the Schwarzhaeupter Guilde from the times of the Hanse-Trading-Pact is UNESCO World Heritage since 1998 : encluding also Riga's Central Market which is Europe's largest bazaar being constructed in the 20ties century.

The revitalization of the Baltics in the Post-Soviet time is driven by the Scientific Institution "Business Competence Centre" together with the ISMA University within a Trio of Conferences. Prof.Dr.Hallier was speaking at all of these events - see more also at www.european-retail-academy.org/EUCVOT and www.european-retail-academy.org/ERM. His lecture about Post-War Innovations mirrored by the EuroShop exhibition see LINK .

15.10.2017 : Bonn.realis

Spearheaded by the City of Bonn/Germany a regional cluster Bonn Research Alliance of innovative Information Systems in International Quality Food Chain and Crisis Communication was founded in 2010. The ClusterRegion is stretching from the Belgian/Netherland border city of Aachen to the Cities of Cologne and Bonn and the wine-area Ahrweiler/Bad Neuenahr: it has only a radius of 50 kilometers with the big university cities of Aachen, Bonn and Cologne.

Title: Metropolregion Rheinland. Source: Cluster, Bonn Realis

Taken only the city of Bonn beside the three Universities Bonn, Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, United Nations University within the segment of AgriBusiness/One-Health/ Sustainability for example the standard-providers GS 1, Globalgap, IFS are part of the Cluster and at the Food Exhibition ANUGA in Cologne EQA and the European Retail Academy signed as umbrella organizations for Food Education a contract for International Cooperations (see more at www.european-retail-academy.org/TUN)

15.09.2017 : Processing Hubs

China will invest billions of dollars into the revitalization of the historical Silk Road network: one modern railway-route will go North-bound and end via Moscow - Warsaw in Hamburg; the other South-bound route will revive the Caspian and Black Sea network.

Prof.Dr.Hallier demanded in a speech in Almaty/Kazakhstan modern storage capacities and production hubs along those routes, supporting the local and national agribusiness in its export efforts. "The procuring and processing of raw materials could improve the trade margins definitely and decrease losses/waste of food from harvest and transportation: a big deal for micro-economics as well as for the macro-economic sectors" he said.

15.08. 2017 : ISOCARP

ISOCARP was founded in 1965 as an International Society of City and Regional Planners. Today its members cover 80 countries worldwide.

ISOCARP's President Ric Stephens from the University of Oregon/USA attended CORP Vienna in 2017 and presented his visions about the future of cities. Next CORP-Meeting will be in April 2018 - again in Vienna/Austria. More at beyer@corp.at

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