Urban Revitalization
15.04.2019 : Rotterdam

Downtown Rotterdam was heavily destroyed by World War II . To revitalize the urban structure as well as to create a distinction to other cities in 2004 the idea was shaped to implant into the center a new market-hall in combination with flats for living.


The concept of MVRDV was realized in 2014 and became a highlight for tourism. While Rotterdam did have about 350.000 tourists per year - now over 4 million people travel to the center of Rotterdam : 155.000 consumers visit weekly the market-hall and stay on average 45 minutes.

15.02.19 : Global Education

Jointly the European Retail Academy, G-Global Development Community , G-Global Business Portal and Sumato Education will organize/promote a Global Education and Science Forum in September 2017 in Shymkent City/Kazakhstan.

The Forum is planned to develop recommendations for the Government of Kazakhstan and the Central Asian Countries and intends to launch major projects in education, research and science ( more info@innoker.org ) . Part of that initiative is also the Almaty Eurasian University Complex (www.european-retail-academy.org/AEUC ).

15.12.2018 : AWC Gothenburg

The 28th Associations' World Congress (AWC) was organized in 2019 in Gothenburg/Sweden. Behind the Association of Association Executives (AAE) are 24.000 members and subscribers located in Europe, Africa, India and other countries/regions.

Prof.Dr.B.Hallier (at the photo together with Damian Hutt/Executive Director of AAE) praised the Swedish hospitality and the excellent opportunity to learn beyond the borders of the own sectors like in Gothenburg for example by case studies presented by the Volvo Group/Paul Welander or the Nobel Media AB/Laura Sprechmann.

15.10.2018 : Entrepreneurship

In Zagreb/Croatia a World Congress of Entrepreneurs was organized jointly by business, universities and local, regional and national governments mainly from the area of former Yugoslavia plus Austria and Germany. It was a call to encourage the civil society to participate in a social market economy and the spirit of entrepreneurship. The backstage organization will monitor and support the activities gathered in the Horizon 2020 Initiative of the European Union.

To underline the importance a monument was established to remind of the Zagreb-Declaration (read here), which will be followed by a 2019 Congress in the city of Skopje/Macedonia.

10.08.2018 : Eremitage

The first art-collection of Zar Katharina II originates from Prussia/Germany. The textile merchant and owner of the "Aechte Porcelaine Manufacture" in Berlin, J.E.Gotzkowsky (1710-1775), bought in 1763 for the Prussian King Friedrich II 225 Dutch and Flamish paintings, which the King had ordered but due to the costs of the Seven-Years-War (1756-1763) between Austria and Prussia had been no longer affordable for Frederic II.

Gotzkowsky solved his own liquidity problem which derived from that situation by a deal with the Russian aristocrate W.S.Dolgoruki : the Russian got the paintings (passing them on to Katharina II in 1764) and Gotzkowski got in turn grain for the horses of Frederic II. Based on this initiative and the accumulation of art within the next two centuries now the Eremitage Gallery in the former Winter Palace in St.Petersburg attracts visitors from all over the world.

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